Thomas O'Neil Thomas O'Neil
Tom has been actively involved with habitat/wildlife programs and projects for over 35 years. His current and past responsibilities have included the supervision of a staff of professionals actively involved in the analysis of biotic resources; design and implementation of vegetation/wildlife ecology field studies; design, development, and the maintenance of a computer information system. Tom authored several Wildlife-Habitat Relationships in Oregon and Washington, Atlas of Oregon Wildlife, and The Salmonid Field Protocol Handbook Data collection methods for status and trends in salmon and trout populations. He has recently developed one of the first comprehensive biodiversity accounting system that evaluates species, habitats, and functions to determine the value of habitat quality. This tool is being used by several resource agencies to assess environmental benefits and is also the foundation for determining baseline conditions and evaluating alternative scenarios for the Ecosystem Restoration & Flood Risk Management project. The habitat value system approach serves also as an accounting of debits and credits for impact, mitigation, and conservation banking projects. A hydrology-geomorphology component has also been developed so that a complete above and below ground of habitat restoration actions can be assessed and valued.

Andy Hackethorn Andy Hackethorn
Andy is the Institute's senior project manager he holds a B.S. in Forest Engineering from Oregon State University with a minor in Earth Information Science and Technology. Previous to his work at NHI, Andy led field crews researching the natural regeneration of Ponderosa Pine and was a part of various ecological studies working for the OSU College of Forestry. In his early days at NHI, he coordinated the field mapping efforts for the Willamette Valley Oak and Pine Habitat Conservation Project, which has field-identified thousands of polygons of one acre or more within the Willamette Valley as to their vegetation class, canopy closure, tree size and structure. He also produced the range maps and did the format editing for the recent NHI educational outreach publication A Guide to Oregon and Washington's Wetland Wildlife and their Habitats. Now in his 10th year at NHI, Andy's focus has shifted to the implementation of NHI's CHAP habitat evaluations. He has worked extensively with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers implementing CHAP and developing economic outputs for complex restoration studies in California and New Mexico; as well as being a part of several CHAP projects with various agencies in the Pacific Northwest. Andy is also currently taking over an extensive effort mapping special habitats on BLM lands using Lidar remote sensing techniques developed at NHI. His professional interests include valuing ecosystem services and spatial mapping of natural resources.

Kathleen O'Neil Kathleen H. O'Neil
Kathleen is our California-based strategist of environmental communications. She manages and executes the Institute's development planning processes for addressing complex and ascending environmental issues. Kathleen also hires and supervises NHI's interns. With more than 10 years of experience in management and communication, Kathleen is committed to helping our employees and clients achieve their goals through proven methods of the Institute. Her strategic planning is designed to achieve or enhance long-term natural resource sustainability. Kathleen works with government agencies in an effort to transform existing policies with new and improved policies addressing ecosystem functions and services. Her focus is on the implementation of Combined Habitat Assessment Protocols (CHAP) for ecosystem restoration, natural resource damage, environmental benefit analysis, conservation framework planning, advance mitigation, and habitat assessments.

Laura SuurLaura Suur Miller
Laura is our international intern based in San Francisco, CA. Originally from Estonia, Laura graduated from the University of San Francisco with a BS in Biology and Environmental Science. Laura's personal interest has been to learn about sustainable practices to preserve and restore native habitat. At NHI, she is working on transforming aspects of NHI's online applications as well as furthering her experiences with habitat evaluations and advanced mitigation.

Cory Langhoff Cory Langhoff
Cory is a subcontractor at NHI. He has 19 years of experience in geospatial technologies with a primary emphasis on GIS, remote sensing, and technical support. Cory is working with the Institute on identifying special habitats and Combined Habitat Assessment Protocols (CHAP) support.


Board of Directors

W. Daniel Edge, Ph.D W. Daniel Edge, Ph.D
Dan is an Associate Dean for the College of Agricultural Sciences and Professor of Wildlife Ecology. Dan came to Oregon State University (OSU) as the Extension Wildlife Specialist in 1989. He has also been an Associate Professor and later named the first Mace Professor of Watchable Wildlife. Dan was appointed the Department Head in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife in 2001. He has served as President of OSU Faculty Senate, President of the National Association of Fish and Wildlife University Programs, Chair of both the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities, Fish and Wildlife Section and Board on Natural Resources, and as a Commissioner and Chair for the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission.

Rosemary O'Neil Rosemary O'Neil
Rosemary has been on the board since the creation of NHI. She has always supported sustained environmental research and practices, and has traveled near and far observing ecosystems home and abroad. Some of her favorite oversea adventures were to Germany, Ireland, France, Hungary, Czech Republic, England and Spain, and when she's closer to home Rosemary enjoys long hikes at the beach on the Oregon Coast. For the last 35 years Rosemary has served as a teacher and school administrator in Ohio, Montana, and Oregon public schools. She has taught Humanities and/or Journalism in grades 3 to junior college. Rosemary has facilitated workshops instructing students, teachers, and parents on the implementation of new state standards, and has worked as an instructional facilitator.

Meg Shaughnessy Meg Shaughnessy
Meg was born in Wisconsin, but has thoroughly enjoyed living in the Pacific Northwest for the past ten years. She enjoys gardening and eating, and tries to balance those activities off with hikes in Oregon?s beautiful forests and mountains. Professionally, Meg is interested in Wildlife Ecology, and has been involved in projects with the U.S. Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station; the Oregon Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit; the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Ecological Analysis Center; and the Northwest Habitat Institute. Recently, she found it very gratifying to see her work published in The Atlas of Oregon Wildlife, a cooperative effort of several state, federal, and private organizations.

Jeff Waldon Jeff Waldon
Jeff is a consultant focused on ecosystem services and nonprofit management. He currently serves as Chief Technical Officer for Forest Carbon Offsets LLC a firm devoted to helping landowners and companies monetize environmental services from improved land management in Belize. He also served as the Executive Director of the Conservation Management Institute at Virginia Tech and led CMI from its inception and precursors back to 1985. He has extensive experience in information systems, planning, research project management, and fundraising. He is a certified wildlife biologist who lives in Lexington, VA.

Julie Schwartz Julie Schwartz
Julie Schwartz is the Associate Executive Director, Alumni Programs for Oregon State University. Julie has worked in university advancement for 16 years. She began her career in alumni relations at the University of Montana (Associate Alumni Director from 1999-2006) where she holds a Masters in Public Administration. She has been at Oregon State for the past nine years. Her background includes marketing, video production, media sales and non-profit leadership. She currently serves on the board of CASE (Council for Higher Education and Advancement, District VIII), a professional organization which oversees higher education advancement efforts both nationally and internationally. Julie enjoys hiking, cycling and attending many of Oregon's unique festivals!

Anne Murray Allen Anne Murray Allen
Anne Murray Allen is currently the Director for the Executive Development Center at Willamette University's Atkinson Graduate School of Management. In this role Anne is responsible for developing non-degree certificate programs in business and public management essentials, sustainability, and industry-specific training. She is also the founder and principal in her own consulting firm, AMA Associates, LLC. This practice is dedicated to working with clients in building healthy, performance-based organizations. Anne retired from Hewlett-Packard Company in 2005, having served in a variety of management and executive positions over a 16 year period. These included leading company-wide Knowledge and Intranet Management, strategic planning (at the division and at the corporate level), culture integration for the Compaq/HP merger, Imaging and Printing Group IT, production management for scanner and Inkjet cartridges. She served for seven years on the board of trustees for the Millennium Institute in Washington, D.C.

Anne's current passion is in understanding performance in social systems be they organizational, community, or other. She holds an undergraduate degree in psychology from Manhattanville College and an MBA from the University of Denver.

Ben Miller Ben Miller
Ben is an attorney with the City of Eugene. Previously Ben worked for the law firm Harrang Long Gary Rudnick and the Oregon Department of Justice in the areas of litigation, energy, fisheries, forestry and water law. He holds a BS in Fisheries and Wildlife Science from the Oregon State University Honors College and a JD from the University of Oregon School of Law. He also serves on the board of the McKenzie River Trust. Ben has spent his entire life in Oregon and hasn't run out of places to explore. Most weekends you can find him fishing for steelhead, snowshoeing, bird hunting, packing out an elk, or backpacking in one of Oregon's wilderness areas.