HRF Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Northwest Habitat Institute is working for the conservation of fish and wildlife. To achieve this goal, we emphasize habitat because:

1) the loss of habitat is often cited as a primary reason for putting fish and wildlife species on the Threatened and Endangered Species List,

2) habitat is what is often impacted from projects and development and need of mitigation,

3) the notion of habitat is easy to understand and protect and is something where progress can be more readily seen,

4) one-kind of habitat usually supports multiple species, and

5) habitat is the foundation of our ecosystems.

Picture Our efforts have been likend to being the fish and wildlife counterpart to Habitat for Humanity. Our philosophy is to help everyone invloved, whether they are private landowner, state or federal agency, or Native American tribe. Habitat is the key; and with these funds we are working on developing better wildlife habitat information, assisting with Habitat Mitigation Banks, assisting private landowners to make their land more suitable for wildlife, and where appropriate buying sites and reselling them with conservation easements and habitat improvements done. We are always interested in using the conservation dollars obtained here to continually leverage opportunities and allow your donation to continually be enhanced over the years. The Northwest Habitat Institute is a 501- C (3) non-profit organization, and your entire donation is tax deductible.

Making Donations

If you would like to make a contribution to the protection of wildlife habitat please contact us directly at (541)753-2199 or, or use the donation button below to access a secure website for credit card donations.

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